The Best Thanksgiving Dish for You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Thanksgiving Food Infographic
Zodiac Thanksgiving Food Infographic

Dinner, according to the zodiac

No matter how stuffed our Thanksgiving dinner tables get (and, let’s face it, they’re always overflowing), there’s always one item each family member loads up on. Maybe your grandfather piles turkey four slices high, your aunt creates a lake of gravy, or your mother erects a mountain of mashed potatoes. Maybe you have a weakness for candied yams—and love making them for Thanksgiving dinner too. So here’s the question: Does the dish a person prepares or most loves say anything about them? And can these Thanksgiving zodiac sign pairings guide your cooking plans and dinner choices this November 25?

You’ve wondered about your favorite candy based on your zodiac sign and whether your sign can determine the perfect pizza topping, and favorite fall cookie, but what about your perfect Thanksgiving dish? It may not be as essential to astrology as learning about your rising sign, your relationship’s zodiac compatibility, or even your power color, but it’s a fun way to get to know yourself and others better. Professional psychic and astrologer Stina Garbis reveals Thanksgiving zodiac sign match-ups. If you don’t like any of these, just head over to your zodiac sign’s preferred fast food restaurant and call it a day.

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