Top 10 Sin Cities

top 10 sin cities

There is something alluring about sin cities. The forbidden beckons to all of us and some heed her call and indulge in every sort of vice. Some of us are curious as to what sort of pleasures exist out there. Join me in a short exploration into red light districts around the world and decide which of these sin cities belong on your travel list this year.

Las Vegas – This is the first city everyone thinks about when it comes to sin. Packed with casinos, strip clubs, and some of the best restaurants and shows, Las Vegas is a sin city that is simple and easy to get to without having to leave the United States.

Bangkok – One of the hottest cities in the world, a trip to Bangkok will provide you ample opportunities to experience sin in one of its red light districts. Head to Patpong district where you may have the opportunity to watch a ping pong show. There are many bars throughout the city, some of them dedicated to fetishes and others just a place to enjoy a cold beer on a hot day.

Amsterdam – Home to one of the most famous red light districts in the world, this city belongs on any list of the top sin cities. Think legal prostitution and marijuana in coffeeshops and you'll be heading in the right direction. Since the government is attempting to crack down on marijuana shops, it is advised to check with current laws before indulging.

New Orleans – Two words immediately come to mind with this sin city: Mardi Gras. If you are looking for a week of festivities, music, dancing, drinking, and feasting upon fine Southern food then consider attending Mardi Gras to get your fill. Keep an eye out for the all the ladies looking for beads.

Berlin – Prostitution is legal in Germany, and Berlin is at the heart of the enterprise. Head to the one of the red light districts and see all that is being offered.

Paris – Located in one of the most refined cities in the world you will find Pigalle Place, a home to sex shops, strips clubs, and even an erotic museum. Interestingly, the name developed from a nickname given to the location by soldiers in the second World War, Pig Alley. I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as they did so many years ago.

Tijuana – A quick trip across the border will bring you Tijuana, home to cantinas, tequila bars, massage parlors, and drug stands. Remember to hang onto your wallet if offered to be guided to a donkey show.

Macau – Is it Las Vegas or Macau, there are so many similarities! There are casinos, shows and performances, and even the proverbial massage parlors.

Beirut – Before you think the Middle East doesn't contain any sin, take a look at Beirut. Prostitution is legal in Lebanon and at many nightclubs you will find working girls ready to sit down with you and share in a conversation or champagne.

Rio de Janeiro – Full of gorgeous women and a yearly Carnival celebration, come to this city in the Southern hemisphere for your sin fix. There are many nightclubs in Rio and prostitution is legal, so your sins will be satisfied in this city.

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