Barcelona Attractions: How to See Them All

barcelona attractions

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When people who've been to the Spanish city of Barcelona relate their stories of the city, there are always certain aspects that are mentioned. Some will speak of the cosmopolitan feel of Barcelona, as if it were an oasis lost in time. Others will note the numerous beaches and its many sites. Above all, however, travelers always seem to rave about the many Barcelona attractions and what they have to offer the inquisitive explorer.

Indeed, it's true that Catalonia's crown jewel has much to offer those who want to get to know it. And while concerns of pick pocketing and robbery have some relevance, the truth is that you can see all the attractions in Barcelona without worry if you're mindful of your surroundings. While trying to avoid looking too much like a tourist is enviable, simply keeping valuables out of reach (money belt) and avoiding late-night walks alone in certain parts of Barcelona will take you a long way.

There are many things to do in Barcelona, and therein lies the rub for many travelers. Travelers with short stays may feel rushed to try and see all that Barcelona has to offer. The reality is that most attractions in Barcelona are spread out, requiring the use of a car or public transportation. However, some people do resort to taking sightseeing buses like the Bus Turístic to see all of the attractions in Barcelona. Such tours offer hop-on and hop-off service, making it a bit easier for visitors to see what they want, though usually dictated by the operator's bus schedules.

For most people, getting around Barcelona won't be an issue when using the Barcelona Metro. The Metro has great coverage and gets travelers to most Barcelona attractions. For example, if you're planning on going to Güell Park (highly recommended), getting there is easy. The closest Metro stops are Lesseps and Vallcarca on Line 3. From there you can continue south on the L3 to the famous Las Ramblas at Metro Catalunya or jump on Line 5 and visit Guadí's famous La Sagrada Família. (From there I highly recommend walking north on Avingauda de Gaudí to the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau. Fantastic gothic architecture awaits you.)

If you continue on Line 3 (or jump on Line 1) you eventually get to Metro Espanya. From here take a short walk southeast to the Magic Fountain of Montjuic, a Barcelona attraction that can't be missed. Best seen at night, this fountain dazzles visitors with over 3,600 water jets and eight different colors. From the fountain, you'll want to continue heading uphill to walk through the massive Parc de Montjuic. This park has a lot to see, including the renowned National Art Museum of Catalonia. If you're seeing Barcelona with kids, letting them explore the park is the perfect way for them to burn off extra energy.

In all, it's relatively easy to get to these Barcelona attractions and more, but know that they're spread out. While taking a sightseeing bus may be one way to combat this, using the Metro makes for the most convenient way to move around the city and see everything.

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