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Beat the heat with this quiet tower fan that our editor swears by for hot summer days

We all expect heat and humidity during the summer months, but the heat waves sweeping the U.S. are sure to be next level. Here in NYC, temps are predicted to top over 90°F and it's not even officially summer yet. And over in Arizona, temps are expected to hit over 110°F this week — yikes!

As nice as an air conditioner is when it’s super hot, sometimes it can make a room too cool. This is especially true at night when it can be hard to get comfortable or fall into a deep sleep because the cold AC air is freezing you. Fortunately, there are some powerful fans out there that can keep you comfortably cool, even on hot summer days and nights. I swear by Dreo’s new Pilot Max 120-Degree Oscillating Tower Fan.

You'll never spend another summer night sweating in the sheets.

$110 at Amazon

Despite my best efforts, I can't sleep with the AC on in my apartment. When I do, I inevitably wake up with a headache, and I just don't ever feel well-rested because I was too cold at night. When I switched to this Dreo Pilot Max Oscillating Tower Fan last summer, I was immediately impressed that it kept me cool on an 80-degree summer night, even with a blanket on top of me.

I also appreciate how quiet this tower fan is, given that I use it at night. It’s not completely silent (no fan I’ve ever encountered truly is), but the light whirring sound doesn’t make it hard to fall asleep or drown out the sound of the TV or other people talking when it’s on.

This one from Dreo has nine different settings — plenty of options depending on how cool you want to be. When I have the fan blowing directly on me, the third setting is perfect. I really never need to go up to the highest two settings unless I’ve just come in from a long walk and need to cool down immediately.

silver Dreo tower fan in living room
Put that A/C bill on ice and invest in this slim tower fan that's more powerful than it looks. (Amazon) (Amazon)

I'm not the only one who's a big fan. Over 3,400 Amazon shoppers give it a perfect five-star rating, with enough reviewers saying this fan is better than a Dyson for us to take note.

“I bought this fan to replace my Dyson fan that broke and I’m super happy I did. I like this fan more than any fan I’ve ever owned,” one shopper wrote.

Another shopper even called it the "best tower fan on Amazon" and said it "finally does everything right that every other tower fan sucks at! I’ve owned many tower fans over the years and all have been a giant disappointment. This fan is affordable and actually does everything you would want it to. No noise. No lights. Just blows cool air where you want when you want it."

As for how quiet it is — several other shoppers agree that the sound is extremely faint. One shopper perfectly summed it up, calling it "A whisper-quiet breeze in style" before adding that "the ultra-quiet operation ensures a peaceful environment."

While the cons for this fan are few and far between, one shopper explained that they wish it came in a matte or glossy black option. "I don't love the grey look," the reviewer wrote. "But I also don't even notice it anymore so it's not like it's an unrelenting eyesore. Just personal preference."

Another shopper added that it would've been nice if the power cable was just "a little longer" but pointed out that it's still a "great purchase."

If you’re looking for an A/C-free solution to this summer's inevitable heat waves, a high-quality fan is a worthy investment. You’ll use this Dreo Pilot Max 120-Degree Oscillating Tower Fan often because it really is top of the line.

The fan also comes in this gold "Starlight" color that complements neutral tones in any room. It also comes with a remote control and, with the free app, you're able to operate the fan from your phone!

$150 at Amazon

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