5 Things You Need for the Best Family Beach Vacations

best family beach vacations

Whether you're heading to the fanciest hotel in the Seychelles or driving to your nearest coastline, family beach vacations are among the most memorable vacations your kids will ever have -- so make them fun! Here's your recipe for success: 5 Things You Need for the Best Family Beach Vacations.

1. Sun.

There are some things in this world that you can't control, and the weather is one of them. However, man's futile attempts to understand and predict the changing of the skies have resulted in a somewhat reliable calendar of seasons for just about every beach destination in the world. It's terrible when you go on a beach vacation and it rains, but it's much worse when it could have been prevented. Wherever you're considering going, check out the weather report for when you're going by searching "destination," "month" and "weather." What you're looking for is a month-by-month breakdown of average rainfall and temperatures. This is especially important if you find a vacation package which is "surprisingly affordable" -- it may be hurricane season. Do your research.

2. Music.

The best family beach vacations have soundtracks -- and you'll think of the vacation whenever you hear any of those songs. Ask your family members to contribute a couple of songs to your soundtrack, put the playlist on everyone's iPod, and bring some speakers for when you're hanging out in the room or all laying in the sun together.

3. Snacks.

You're going to get hungry, and buying snacks at the beach is almost always an expensive and unhealthy choice. Bring along some nutrtious treats your family will enjoy, like baby carrots with dip and pita chips with hummus, and then you won't feel guilty buying everyone an ice cream cone later.

4. Stuff to do.

Running around on the beach and playing in the water can keep you occupied for a few hours, but if you're going to be there all day, or many days, the best family beach vacations include lots of stuff to do. You can pay extra to rent surfboards, jetskis and more, but you should always bring along some entertainment of your own. Some good failsafes: books, ball-and-paddle games, frisbees, waterguns and indoor stuff like cards and puzzles in case you get sunburned or, despite your best efforts, it rains.

5. A pail and shovel.

If you don't have one, you'll wish you did. The best family beach vacations always include sandcastles. Still, if you have to improvise, hotel coffee mugs and butter knives can come in handy.

Photo by di_the_huntress via Flickr.
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