'Barbie' Really Boosted Margot Robbie's Net Worth

In just 15 years since her first television role, Margot Robbie has become one of the most promising actresses in the film industry, and she's got the net worth to prove it. At 32 years old, she has ascended from soap opera actress to bonafide movie star and worked alongside many of the greats, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Nicole KidmanWill Smith and, of course, Ken.

This summer marks another banner year for Robbie, given the premiere of Asteroid City in June and the box office record breaking release of Barbie in July. The latter marks one of Robbie’s most ambitious projects to date, since she both starred in the movie and signed on as a producer during the early days of development, both of which have paid her handsomely.

“It wasn’t that I ever wanted to play Barbie, or dreamt of being Barbie, or anything like that,” she told Vogue in a recent interview. “This is going to sound stupid, but I really didn’t even think about playing Barbie until years into developing the project.”

From her early days as a soap opera actress to her take on Barbie, here is everything you need to know about Margot Robbie, including her net worth.

How did Margot Robbie become famous?

Margot Robbie got her start in 2008 on the Australian soap opera Neighbors. She appeared in more than 300 episodes before leaving the show in 2011, but she returned once more in 2022 as a guest star in the series finale. After relocating to the United States, she starred in the short-lived ABC drama Pan Am (2011-2012). Shortly after that, she got her big break in the form of Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street (2013). From there, she was cast in several high-profile movies, including Focus (2015) and The Legend of Tarzan (2016).

It wasn’t until later in 2016 that she became a true household name following the premiere of Suicide Squad (2016). She played Harley Quinn and became one of the most recognizable faces in the DC Extended Universe. Robbie went on to star as the character in Birds of Prey (2020) and The Suicide Squad (2021). She received Academy Award nominations for her work in I, Tonya (2017) and Bombshell (2019).

In 2014, Robbie and friends (including her husband, Tom Ackerley) launched LuckyChap Entertainment. The production company is behind several hit films, including I, Tonya and Promising Young Woman (2020). The company also produces TV, including Dollface (2019-2022) and Maid (2022). Much of the inspiration for LuckyChap is to uplift women, both on and behind the screen, and to help make change within the industry.

“There’s only so much you can do as an actor,” Robbie told Marie Claire Australia. “As a producer you get to be a part of the conversations about who is being hired, and in what roles and how much they’re getting paid.”

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What is Margot Robbie’s net worth?

Margot Robbie’s estimated net worth is $40 million as of 2023. However, this doesn't factor in the $50 million she's estimated to make off of Barbie, so she's probably actually closer to $100 million all things considered. In addition to acting and producing, she has entered into partnerships with brands like Calvin Klein, Nissan and Chanel.

How much did Margot Robbie make for Barbie?

Margot Robbie was initially paid $12.5 million for Barbie, according to Variety. She is the highest-paid actress on the report, which covers movies released in 2022 and 2023. With LuckyChap Entertainment, Robbie also serves as a producer on the film. However, because of backend deals and performance bonuses, Variety later reported that Robbie will likely make $50 million on the film.

How much did Margot Robbie make for Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood?

Robbie’s Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood (2019) salary was never publicly reported, but the movie had a whopping $90 million budget. Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio were paid $10 million each for their roles, per Variety, and Robbie was third-billed behind them, so she most likely made something in the multi-million-dollar range.

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How much did Margot Robbie make for Amsterdam?

The details of Robbie’s Amsterdam (2022) contract were never publicly disclosed, but Deadline reported that co-star Christian Bale made less than his normal $5 million fee and that Rami Malek only earned six figures, so Robbie most likely also earned a fee somewhere under $5 million. Per Deadline, many of the actors involved with the film worked for scale. Despite a high-profile cast that included Taylor Swift, the movie was a commercial flop and failed to recoup its $80 million budget at the box office.

How much did Margot Robbie make for Birds of Prey?

Robbie made somewhere between $9 million-$10 million for Birds of Prey, according to Variety. Robbie, under LuckyChap Entertainment, was also one of the main producers on the film, so she probably earned additional payment on the backend following the movie’s commercial success.

How many movies has Margot Robbie made?

Although she has made quite a career out of producing, acting in movies is still Robbie’s main stream of revenue. Barbie marks Robbie’s 27th feature film appearance, according to her IMDb credits.

How much does Margot Robbie make per movie?

Even though Robbie has not publicly shared a set rate per movie, her past few projects and new status as one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood puts her in a range where she can be expected to earn millions per movie. Her frequent production credits also give her a larger stake and potential for earning in most of her projects.

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