Ashley Graham Just Flashed Her Toned AF Booty In An Epic Bikini On IG

<span class="caption">Ashley Graham Rocks Epic Booty In IG Bikini Pics</span><span class="photo-credit">Lionel Hahn - Getty Images</span>
Ashley Graham Rocks Epic Booty In IG Bikini PicsLionel Hahn - Getty Images
  • Ashley Graham just dropped some new photos and videos of her trip to St. Tropez on Instagram, and they are everything.

  • In the shots, the supermodel shows off her super epic butt and core in a cute new bikini.

  • The mom of three stays super busy, and likes to workout with her husband.

Ashley Graham is on vacation in St. Tropez right now, and she’s dropping all sorts of pics on Instagram that show her friends and fans *just* how much fun she's having on her beachy getaway.

The supermodel shared a slew of bikini shots that show just how strong and toned she is these days.

In the first series of shots, the 35-year-old can be seen working a red Knix bikini on the boat, flashing her toned abs and that booty again. There are a ton of different shots of Ashley and her husband, Justin Ervin, in the mix—snorkeling, jet skiing, goofing off on the deck—and it’s clear they had the best time. “Mom and dad are ooo,” she said in the caption.

And here's the other post, where Ashley is hanging by a hot tub on a yacht in a halter-style one-piece, showing off her toned booty and sculpted legs (again):

People cheered her on in the comments. “Such a natural beauty,” wrote one person. “Wow stunning 🫶🏻 red is your color ❤️🔥,” another said.

If you're curious to know what Ashley has been doing to get so strong these days, you're not alone. Luckily, Women's Health has done the research, and has some answers for you. For starters, this mom to three little ones stays super active (like, just flip through those vacation pics to see that she’s pretty much always doing something).

But Ashley also carves out time to put in some serious work at the gym. In January, she shared a pic on Instagram of herself working out with Justin in front of a full rack of weights while flexing for the camera. “Both ripped, both have boob sweat,” she joked in the caption.

When she's not pumping iron with her husband, Ashley works with personal trainer Kira Stokes, and she’s shared some videos on Instagram of one of their workout sessions. You can see Ashley doing planks, sumo squats, and wide-legged mountain climbers. She gets out of breath along the way and, fair, she’s working hard.

Ashley told SELF that she’s big on exercising. “I love working out and I love being active. …I probably go to the gym, like, five days a week,” she said. In the mix is also rollerblading, biking, running, and endurance hikes.

During her second pregnancy, Ashley told Women’s Health that she had to revamp her workouts to try to fit into her busier schedule. “When I'm working with my trainer, we do a lot of weights, and then sneaky cardio,” she said. “But I will say I just bought a Stairmaster, and I put it in my bedroom. It looks out the window, and I have no excuses.”

By the way, that toned booty is no accident. “I feel like my butt has fallen a lot in this past couple of years," she told WH, noting that “anything to just kind of start lifting it back up” is in the mix.

Ashley also shared that she tries to mentally reward herself after she exercises. “I'm always so glad after I leave the gym,” she said. “Like, ‘I'm so proud of you, Ashley.’ I have that quick 'congratulations' to myself because it's a good reminder to me to keep going.”

Yesss! Keep it up, Ashley.

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