Washington DC Tours: Exploring Your Passions

washington dc tours

Even if you lived there and had unlimited time to explore the nation's capital, it would likely take decades to see all the sights in Washington DC. Tours, whether guided or on your own, can be the answer, especially if your time is limited and you want to delve deeply into a particular site or subject. Here are a few of the more specialized Washington DC tours that are available.

Washington DC Tours: Cherry Blossom Festival
In conjunction with the National Cherry Blossom Festival, this walking tour will lead you through the dazzling blooms of spring that each year brings thousands to Washington DC. Tours cost $15 and are given rain or shine. Guides offer information about how and why the cherry trees came to Washington DC, and divulge a few secrets known to insiders.

Washington DC Tours: The Lost Symbol
This tour takes you to the landmarks and locations from Dan Brown's best-selling book. Follow the same path taken by protagonist Professor Robert Langdon and see the real-life clues that he used to solve a thrilling mystery of conspiracy in the novel. You'll visit such sites as the U.S. Capitol Building, the George Washington Masonic Memorial, the US Botanic Garden, and the International Spy Museum.

Washington DC Tours: For Foodies
Gourmets, gourmands and just plain folk who want to explore the culinary scenes of Washinton DC neighborhoods can sign up for one of the DC Metro Food Tours. Guides will not only take you for tastings and meals at some of the district's finest restaurants, but also share tidbits about the local history and culture. Costs vary.

Washington DC Tours: By Bicycle
If you want to get around a little faster than walking Washington DC, tours on bicycles could be the cure. Bike and Roll supplies bicycles and safety gear for their tours, with itineraries covering the district's monuments and historical sites as well as special seasonal tours, such as during the Cherry Blossom Festival. Costs vary.

Washington DC Tours: Time Travel
No, you won't be strapped into Doc Brown's DeLorean a la "Back to the Future," but you may feel like you've traveled to the past on one of Natalie Zanin's Historic Strolls. Tour Washington DC as it was during the times of Charles Dickens, the Civil War, and "The Bad Olde Days" (featuring the conmen, criminals and other dastardly characters who frequented the district in the mid-1800s). Costs vary.

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