Las Vegas Sightseeing Tours to Satisfy the Curious

las vegas sightseeing tours

To many visitors, a Las Vegas sightseeing tour means checking out the latest animated slot machine techno-themes on the casino floor. But Las Vegas sightseeing tours take on all kinds of shapes and colors whether in the glaring light of day or seductive neon of night.

Visitors can manage their own Las Vegas sightseeing tours by targeting some key spots in the city that truly astound with ingenious imagination and execution. Or they can leave that to someone else to plan, package, guide and chauffeur.

OnBoard Sightseeing Tours offers a list of what it considers the dozen not-to-be-missed sites in Las Vegas and, for a price, it will arrange to make sure these top spots do not miss your eye.

1. The Copa Room. Stand on the actual spot where Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Dean Martin used to sing and entertain at the Sands.
2. A Stream of Melted Chocolate. A stream of melted chocolate falling through a series of waterfalls from the ceiling.
3. The Hotels That Remodeled. Several Las Vegas Hotels recently remodeled their rooms on the cheap by using furnishings from the Bankrupt Fontainebleu Hotel.
4. A Giant Golden Nugget. No, we're not talking about the Golden Nugget Hotel. We're talking about a giant nugget of gold. There's also an ATM that dispenses gold instead of cash.
5. A Famous Wedding Chapel. See the wedding chapel where NBA legend Michael Jordan, actress Joan Collins, and other famous folks got married. You should also see the chapel with a drive through window, and the one from the movie The Hangover.
6. The Eyesore. See the ugly unfinished casino building that a casino mogul offered to pay to cover up so his guests wouldn't have to look at it.
7. The Nuisance. See the site of the hotel Howard Hughes purchased because their sign shined into his bedroom.
8. Pawn Stars. The famous Pawn Stars pawn shop.
9. On the Flipside. What's on the back of the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign?
10. The Site That Sent OJ Simpson to the Slammer. The hotel where OJ attempted to steal sports paraphernalia and got arrested.
11. A Famous Shark Tank. A famous aquarium referenced in an old billboard that made fun of Atlantic City.
12. An Inclinator. You've seen escalators. You've seen elevators. Have you ever seen an inclinator?

The company runs "See it All" Classics and Evolution Las Vegas sightseeing tours for $69.99 that include cold water on air-conditioned shuttle buses and tours that run around four hours and do not miss a story or tidbit about the venue at hand. The Classic Tour takes in Fremont Street and Downtown Las Vegas, as well as Venetian (former site of the Sands Hotel & Casino), Wynn Las Vegas (former site of the Desert Inn) and Stratosphere Observation Deck. It also includes The Sahara Hotel, The Riviera Hotel, famous Las Vegas Wedding Chapels (including the drive-thru), the Golden Nugget and these must check spots:

-The driveway at Caesar's Palace (where Rain Man drove the car)
-The Caesar's Fountain (the one Evil Kneival tried to jump)
-Icons from the life of Howard Hughes
-Vegas Vick, the neon cowboy
-Historical mafia points

The Evolution Tour starts at Bally's Airport Shuttle & Bus Entrance and explores the origins and stories behind The Mirage Hotel & Casino, Bellagio, Luxor, the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign, and Paris Las Vegas. Guests also get an eyeful of icons from Steve Wynn's recent years as well as some excellent perspective on City Center by MGM Mirage, the Bellagio Fountains, New York, New York Hotel, the Eiffel Tower, historical mafia points and important places in the life of Howard Hughes.

Night tours also bring on the wow factor with stops at Fremont Street Experience and Vegas Vick and other expressly Las Vegas Downtown light attractions. On the Strip, guests arrive in time to experience the TI Pirate Show, Mirage Volcano, the spledor of the Bellagio Fountains, and also view the well-illuminated "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign, Paris Las Vegas balloon, arc, and Eiffel Tower, MGM Grand Lion, New York-New York's Statue of spotlighted Liberty, the grand Aria and City Center in lights, the Luxor infinity light beam and other icons of the neon. (301-839-5261;

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