‘Terrifying’ video shows man stuck 300 feet in the air during Nashville tornado: ‘I can’t imagine'

A frightening video shows a man’s firsthand experience as he was trapped inside a sky-high crane during a tornado.

The clip was filmed in Nashville, Tenn., as a series of tornadoes devastated the city and several nearby towns in the early morning on March 3. The storms killed at least 24 people and left thousands without power, NBC News reports.

And at least one man, Jason Nash, was trapped more than 300 feet in the air as the storms came through. Nash shared in a Facebook post that he was, in fact, working in a crane above Nashville at the time.

A video of Nash’s experience, which has been made private on Facebook, was later shared to Twitter by a user named @ChadBlue_.

“Jason Nash was stuck in a crane 375 feet high, staring down the tornado that was coming through Nashville,” @ChadBlue_’s tweet, which has been viewed more than 24,000 times, read.

In the clip, Nash can be heard reacting to the tornado, which passed through the city’s north side before devastating parts of East Nashville.

“Oh my God,” Nash says. “If something happens, make sure everybody knows I love them. This is no joke — there’s a tornado right f****** there!”

@ChadBlue_ followed up in subsequent tweets to reveal that Nash was OK following the incident, but the video still drew several scared reactions from Twitter users.

“Who does he work for that had him up there in that weather? Terrifying!” one user wrote.

“This dude was probably scared out of his mind,” another commented.

“OMG I can’t imagine! I live just south of Nashville and when it was a warned tornado, I was so freaking scared those cranes were gonna come down!” another added.

The storms, which killed people in at least four Tennesee counties, mark the second most deadly tornado-related event in state history, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Storm Prediction Center.

Tennesee Governor Bill Lee declared a state of emergency following the tragedy, which remained in effect through March 4, the Tennessean reported. The paper also reported that around 40,000 people statewide were still without power at the time.

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