Creepy mist rises from Niagara Falls as freezing temperatures hit

Footage of an eerie mist rising from Niagara Falls was sent to Newsflare on Nov. 13 with the caption: "Look who I found this morning!! Old man winter and he's beautiful! Record-setting cold temperatures started early this November morning and cast ice and steam around the falls!"

The clip shows an ominous cloud coming from the base of the Falls, as freezing temperatures hit Canada this week.

According to The Buffalo News, it's a common misconception that Niagara Falls can freeze during the colder months. With a 176-foot drop and a little less than 700,000 gallons of water flowing quickly over the edge, it's extremely difficult for the water to freeze.

Instead, this mist comes off the falls and is essentially made up of freezing rain. The frozen mist will glaze nearby trees and surroundings, making it look like the area is frozen solid.

The average daily temperatures from December through February around Niagara Falls are between 36 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, while nightly temperatures can drop to 17 degrees Fahrenheit.

Watch the Newsflare clip above to see the creepy mist billowing up around the Falls.