Pilot films stunning moment sun rises over a thunderstorm

A pilot flying over the Persian Gulf on Nov. 9 filmed a spectacular and rare natural event.

The pilot was at the right place, at the right time when they captured eye-catching footage of the sun rising over the thunderstorm's clouds.

The clip, which was posted on Newsflare the same day, shows a sun rising over an active single-cell thunderstorm, complete with lightning strikes. The unbelievable scene was shot from 41,000 feet in the air.

Single-cell thunderstorms are brief storms that typically do not last longer than an hour. Studies have warned that due to climate change, the warm and shallow waters in the Persian Gulf face an increased risk of dealing with tropical storms — even cyclones — for the first time in history, which is a huge problem for cities like Dubai that are not prepared for storms of that size.

Fortunately, this seemed as though it was a minor storm.

Watch the mesmerizing video above.