Where is Hurricane Florence headed in the Atlantic?

While no landmasses will be threatened this week, one scenario takes Florence close to Bermuda to start the second full week of September.

"Florence will continue to move in a general west to northwest motion across the open waters of the eastern Atlantic Ocean into midweek," said AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Rob Miller.

Miller noted that Florence is moving over slightly cooler water. Wind shear is also expected to increase further along Florence’s path.

Static Florence Track 11 am
Static Florence Track 11 am

Wind shear is the changing of speed and direction of winds at different layers of the atmosphere. Strong wind shear can shred apart mature tropical storms or hurricanes.

As a result fluctuation in strength of Florence is likely over the next few days.

Regardless, Florence is stirring dangerous seas in its vicinity, which can affect shipping across the eastern Atlantic.

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Whether or not Florence remains a danger to only shipping interests or threatens land will depend on how far west the storm tracks.

Florence may track more to the north than west, keeping it east of Bermuda and over the open waters of the central Atlantic next weekend and into the following week. Rough seas could still pound Bermuda even in this scenario.

Florence scenarios 9.3 AM
Florence scenarios 9.3 AM

Florence may then be picked up by a non-tropical storm and carried northeastward toward Iceland, the British Isles or western Europe around mid-September.

"However, all interests in Bermuda should closely monitor the progress of Florence this week," according to Miller.

There is concern that Florence may get steered closer to Bermuda around Monday, Sept. 10—the peak of hurricane season in the Atlantic.

Florence's strength and proximity to the island nation at this time will determine the risk of wind damage, flooding and storm surge flooding if this scenario pans out.

After nearing Bermuda, Florence may attempt to approach the eastern United States later that week.

With the path of Florence still wide open and signs of more tropical development over the eastern Atlantic in the days leading up to the peak of hurricane season, all residents in hurricane-prone areas should take the time now to review hurricane preparedness tips.

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