Firefighters capture footage of a 50-foot-tall tornado made of fire

It's (probably) not the end of the world, but this tornado made of fire certainly makes it look that way.

While fighting a massive blaze on Tuesday, Leicestershire Fire and Rescue in England caught video of what it dubbed a "firenado." Per the video's caption, a firenado is created as cool air and hot air meet, forming an apocalyptic whirlwind as the swirling air brings flames into the sky.

According to the Guardian, the plume clocked in at more than 50 feet high.

The fire originated in a plastics factory in Derbyshire. There have been no reported injuries, but people could reportedly see the thick black smoke from Nottingham's city center, which is more than 26 miles away.

Honestly, a firenado could only get cooler if someone added sharks into the mix.

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