Tropical depression could be first of 2018 hurricane season

The disturbance known as Invest 90E could become the first tropical depression of the 2018 Eastern Pacific hurricane season. reports the disturbance is more than 1,100 miles southwest of Los Cabos, Mexico.

For now the, changing winds that can tear apart a disturbance are lacking that might otherwise prevent it from developing, according to the University of Wisconsin.

Although the system has become organized, rain and thunderstorm activity have slowed. Whether it develops into a tropical depression or storm, says it will not be a threat to land.

Last year, Tropical Storm Adrian became the earliest tropical cyclone on record to form in the eastern Pacific Basin, before turning to a tropical storm and losing strength.

In 2015, the eastern Pacific hurricane season went wild in May with hurricane Andres forming in late May which turned into a category 4 intensity in June. That was immediately followed by Hurricane Blanca.

The eastern Pacific hurricane season runs from May 15 through November 30th. That's about two weeks earlier than the Atlantic hurricane season.

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