Photos reveal nor'easter's beauty, destruction, and slop along the East Coast

The second powerful nor'easter in less than a week lived up to expectations, and then some, from the Philadelphia area northward into New York and Boston. A slow-moving, narrow band of heavy snow parked itself over northern New Jersey for much of the day on Wednesday, dumping snow at 2 to 4 inches per hour. 

While New York City only managed to pick up 2.9 inches of snow in Central Park, areas just 20 miles outside of the city had up to 2 feet of heavy, wet snow accumulate. All night long, residents of the suburbs of these three cities reported snapping sounds from tree branches, as well as power transformer explosions, as the wet of the snow proved too much for many trees and power lines. 

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As was predicted, the storm was an unusually prolific thundersnow producer, particularly in the New York City area, where lightning flashes and booming rumbles of thunder were noted during the entire day on Wednesday. 

In fact, according to Kathryn Prociv, a meteorologist and producer at The Weather Channel, more than 1,500 lightning strikes were observed on Wednesday, including the thundersnow and lightning in offshore storms that were occurring in a milder part of the storm. 

Here are some scenes of the storm from some of the hardest-hit areas.

East Coast residents post stunning photos of nor'easter
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East Coast residents post stunning photos of nor'easter
21.0 inches of snow in Wayne, NJ (Passaic County). Tree fell while shoveling and nearly hit me. Multiple trees down…
Wild video of a tree snapping due to the extraordinary weight of the wet snow in Taberncalce, NJ. This was captured…
The tree damage around the Northern NJ suburbs is extreme. It looks like a severe thunderstorm went through every t…
THUNDERSNOW! #GOESEast satellite's Geostationary Lightning Mapper captured the lightning associated with the back t…
Taken on the summit this morning. It’s D-E-E-P up there! #welovesnow
@nynjpaweather sun and snow. Oak Ridge NJ.
Different world here in West Orange New Jersey. So much snow! @accuweather @AccuRayno
Now it’s dumping - spot on with your forecast guys @epawa @nynjpaweather #winter #snowday #quinn #lehighvalley #snowmageddon #breadandmilk

There is the potential for yet another storm to form along the East Coast on Sunday and Monday, possibly affecting the New York area, but the weather pattern for that storm looks somewhat different from the one that impacted the region this week. 

After that, people in the Northeast should be able to breathe a sigh of relief. The weekend storm should be the end of this remarkable string of stormy weather.

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