Snow blankets northeastern US in wake of springlike warmth

A quick-moving storm blanketed the northeastern United States with disruptive snow during the first half of the weekend, just days after the region experienced a brief taste of spring.

The snow fell at a fast enough pace to overcome the warm ground, turning roadways from wet to slushy and snow covered in a hurry. Numerous accidents were reported as a result of the slippery conditions.

Check out the snowy scenery below:

Snow covers the Northeastern US
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Snow covers the Northeastern US
Central Park is dreamy & peaceful in tonight's snow. #NYC #NewYork
The snow is much easier to take when you know it will be pushing 70 by Wednesday ❄️🙌🏻☀️😎
The first snow flurries of the incoming winter storm #NYC
Overnight snow melting in @CentralParkNYC sunrise and squirrel
Better hurry if you want to take some pretty pics of the wet, pasty snow on the ground and in the trees against a d…
Lots of snow-covered streets in Brooklyn. This is Williamsburg.
Only in the northeast can you go canoeing one day and sledding 2 days later... #canoeing #Oldtown #snow…
Snow. Northeast Philly
More from last night’s storm: work to clear snow and ice from @mbta Green Line track and platforms.

Several road closures occurred on major highways in Pennsylvania amid the snow on Saturday, including Interstate-78 westbound just west of Allentown, I-81 in both directions near Tremont and I-99 southbound near Altoona.

The closure on I-99 was a result of a crash late on Saturday afternoon and has led to at least one fatality, according to WJAC.

Speed limit restrictions were implemented on some highways across the region due to the wintry conditions.

Snowfall totals reached or exceeded 6 inches along a narrow swath from southern and eastern Pennsylvania to northern New Jersey, the lower Hudson Valley of New York and much of southeastern New England away from the coast.

The snowy scenes were a stark contrast to temperatures that soared into the 50s, 60s and 70s F across the mid-Atlantic and southeastern New England this past Thursday.

Those eager to take advantage of the fresh powder by hitting the ski slopes or taking part in other winter activities will have to do so quickly as a new round of warmth surging northward will rapidly erase the fresh powder.



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