Cold air to sweep northeast by late week

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December-like air will push across the northeastern United States during the first part of this weekend.

"There will be a brief taste of winter in the days to come as we move closer to the winter months in the Northeast," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Matt Rinde said.

A cold front will deliver a shot of frosty air from northern Canada, dropping temperatures closer to those typical of early December.

Colder air from northern Canada will begin flowing into the region on Friday afternoon.

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The core of the cold will move through into Saturday morning along with gusty winds.

"The long stretch of abnormal warmth this fall, combined with a gusty wind, will make it feel particularly cold Friday evening into Saturday," AccuWeather Meteorologist Ryan Adamson said.

This will impact those heading outdoors for any activities or sporting events.

Some showers will accompany the cold front initially as it moves through the Northeast.

"Accompanying this turn to colder weather will be a few rain showers, mixed with, or possibly turning to all snow in the higher elevations of New York state and northern New England," Rinde said.

Any accumulations will be minor and mainly limited to northern New York and New England, he said.

"The colder weather on Saturday will run about 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit below average," Rinde said.

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Of the weekend, Saturday morning will feel the coldest in most locations.

Temperatures will dip into the teens and lower 20s from New England through the Great Lakes and the upper 20s to the lower 30s along much of the Interstate 95 corridor.

However, the cold shot will not be around for long.

Winds will shift from the northwest on Saturday to the southwest on Sunday allowing milder, but more seasonable air to return for the end of the weekend.

"Milder air will return to the Northeast for the second half of the weekend into the early part of next week, when temperatures will climb back to several degrees above average," AccuWeather Meteorologist Renee Duff said.

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