Twitter reminds critics that New England Patriots' Tom Brady skipped Obama White House visit


Before New England Patriots players Devin McCourty and Martellus Bennett announced they would skip a team visit to the White House, it was star quarterback Tom Brady who actually set the precedent.

In what many are calling the greatest come back in sports history, the dominant New England squad won their fifth franchise Super Bowl on Sunday after defeating the Atlanta Falcons 34-28.

Ties between President Trump and New England franchise owner Robert Kraft, head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady -- the prominent Patriots figure heads -- were a prominent storyline in the 2016 NFL season. Alt-right editor Richard Spencer took the connection a step further on Sunday night in deeming the team's victory a win for the "white race."

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While many athletes have skipped their respective celebratory White House visits with the president, all star quarterback Tom Brady was the first Patriots player to do so when he backed out of White House plans citing a "family commitment."

Brady was seen the day of the White House visit, and ESPN reported that Brady was seen at Gillette Stadium "for a stretch of time" while many in the organization were at the White House.

Less than 24 hours after the 2015 Patriots visit with President Obama, Brady was also seen in New York looking at watches.

After speculation rose over Brady's reasoning for ditching face time with President Obama, a Boston Herald column floated the theory that his absence might have been a response to former press secretary Josh Earnest's comments on the three-time Super Bowl MVP's entanglement in Deflategate.

For those now hearing McCourty and Bennett's White House announcements who forgot Brady's move, Twitter was there with the reminder.

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New England tight end Martellus Bennett had said in lead up to the big Houston game that he wasn't likely to join the team in a trip to visit President Trump, and solidified his remarks after the Super Bowl win saying he "will not go" to the White House.

Bennett poked fun at the media's response to his announcement via Twitter on Monday.

Seven-year Patriots safety Devin McCourty quickly echoed Bennett's statement, telling TIME on Monday that he isn't going to Washington because he doesn't "feel accepted" in the White House. Whether more New England Patriots players will opt out of the 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. visit remains to be seen.