Sad Atlanta Falcons fan buries team gear as a warning for the future

Time capsules are a nice idea.

The notion that one day some future generation of human (or alien) will unearth something from our current time and learn a bit about us is pleasing. It makes us feel important, like something worth remembering.

However, for one Atlanta Falcons fan, there are definitely things worth forgetting. Super Bowl LI is one of those things.

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That fan was so distraught over the Falcons' drubbing at the hands of the New England Patriots that he decided it was time to fold up his Falcons shirt and bury it deep in the ground. With it, he wrote a note addressed to the people of the future.

"If you have unearthed this," the note warns, "you have not found anything vintage or cool. This shirt is bad luck."

He then suggests whoever finds the shirt to Google "Super Bowl 51" if they need further explanation about why the shirt is bad luck.

"This shirt blew a 25 point lead," the note says. "Put it back. Trust me!"

People of the future, you have been warned. Never bet against Bill Belichick or Tom Brady. You will not win.

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