Sad Tom Brady becomes meme after Super Bowl interception

Tom Brady became a viral internet meme before Super Bowl LI even entered halftime after he threw the only interception he's ever thrown in a postseason game.

The New England Patriots quarterback threw a pick-six to Falcons cornerback Robert Alford at the end of the second quarter. Alford returned the interception for 82 yards, putting Atlanta up 21-0. Adding insult to injury, Brady made a poor diving attempt to tackle Alford.

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The interception and failed tackle set Twitter on fire as the Patriots trailed the Falcons 21-3, with dozens of posts poking fun at the four-time Super Bowl champion for the bad play that came within an uncharacteristically bad first half.

Check out some of the best reactions to sad Tom Brady:

Tom Brady becomes sad meme during Super Bowl
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Tom Brady becomes sad meme during Super Bowl
Is it too early to bring this out? #SuperBowl #SB51
please enjoy tom brady's epic fail of a tackle over and over again
Who wore it sadder? #SuperBowl
Tom Brady right now..
In light of the first half, here are twenty pictures of Tom Brady looking sad.
tom brady is sad
how the #SuperBowl is going right now
Sad story... #Superbowl #Brady #patriots
How's your day going, Tom Brady? #SB51
Tom Brady Right Now. 😂 #SuperBowl
Tom Brady at halftime. 😂 #SuperBowl
Tom Brady on the sidelines #SuperBowl

But Brady got the last laugh, as his team ultimately overcame the loss to win Super Bowl LI in overtime.

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