The 10 most-attended Super Bowls of all time

Over 1 million people are expected in Houston this weekend for Super Bowl LI, but not all of them will get in to see the game in person.

In order to host the Super Bowl, a stadium must be able to hold at least 70,000 people. NRG Stadium, which is hosting this Sunday's big game, can service up to 72,220 fans (though only 71,795 of those fans get seats).

While 72,000 is no small number, Super Bowl LI won't even come close to cracking the list of the 10 most-attended NFL championships in history:

The smallest Super Bowl audience came at Super Bowl I, which was played before 61,946 people at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

If the stadium is filled to capacity on Sunday, Super Bowl LI would have fewer onlookers than the Falcons' last appearance in the game in Super Bowl XXXIII, and would rank fifth among the Patriots' nine appearances.

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