Weirdest Super Bowl commercials of all time

By Keleigh Nealon, Buzz60

As the Super Bowl approaches, many people are excited for their favorite part, the commercials!

Every year, many big companies use Super Bowl commercials as an opportunity to do some pretty weird things. However, weird isn't cheap.

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As recently as last year, 30 seconds of air-time during the Super Bowl cost companies up to five million dollars!

That's why in 2000, when E-Trade featured a commercial with two guys and a monkey dancing along to La Cucaracha, they couldn't help but call themselves out, saying, "well we just wasted 2 million bucks."

Other companies fully embraced the bizarre, such as Loctite glue, with a commercial that features some of the most uncomfortable dancing ever witnessed. It makes Drake's Hotline Bling look like a master class in choreography. Not to mention that the first 15 seconds of the commercial looks like an ad for fanny packs.

Always keeping it strange, Skittles released a Super Bowl commercial where the whole town comes together to witness an epic arm wrestle for the last yellow skittle. But, isn't it generally agreed upon that yellow is the worst Skittles flavor? And why did the baby and dog have to have massive biceps too?

One thing is certain, the marketing meetings for Super Bowl commercials are likely super interesting!