Wild stat shows how Tom Brady has dominated the NFL over his 17-year career

Tom Brady basically has a time-share at the Super Bowl.

After beating the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship on Sunday, Brady advanced to his seventh Super Bowl, the most of any NFL player.

And as USA Today's Nancy Armour points out, as we enter Super Bowl 51, that means Brady has taken part in 13.7% of all Super Bowls!

That's an astounding number, one rivaled by no other NFL player. If we limit the Super Bowl appearances to Brady's 16 years as a starter in the league, he's taken part in 43.7% of all Super Bowls, roughly half.

In four other seasons, Brady has been to the AFC Championship and lost, meaning he's been in the final four teams a total of 11 times in his career.

Brady says he wants to play until he's 45, if not older, so if he keeps it up, there's a good chance we may never see such a successful player again in the NFL.

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