Twitter parodies #NotMySuperBowl after Patriots, Falcons wins

The Super Bowl LI match up is set between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons, but some fans are not accepting that outcome.

Since the clock ran out in Sunday's conference championship games, upset fans have taken to Twitter to express disappointment for this pairing with the now-trending hashtag, "#NotMySuperbowl," in protest of the NFL's 51st Super Bowl.

"The Steelers and Packers have more fans and clearly won the popular vote. This is the fault of the NFL electoral college. #NotMySuperBowl," one person tweeted.

The popular hashtag is a spin-off of the "#NotMyPresident" trend that erupted on social media after Donald Trump's 2016 election win, which also returned shortly after President Trump's inauguration.

Many Packers fans took the opportunity to defend their team's deserved place in Super Bowl LI.

Steelers fans also took the chance to support their team.

And many Twitter users speculated on Russia's possible involvement in the outcome of Sunday's games.

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