Simone Biles reveals what President Obama and Michelle Obama said to her at White House

Simone Biles opened up about the exchange she had with President Obama and the First Lady after she visited the White House during her record-summer at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

"As a little girl or as a little kid, you always want to become President one day and go visit the White House. But to actually have the opportunity it was amazing to meet Mr. Obama and Mrs. Obama and how we interacted. And I got to be on stage with them for one of the speeches," Biles shared during a press call after her nomination for Laureus Sportswoman of the Year.

"They [President Obama and Michelle] just told us what a wonderful job we did in Rio and how inspiring it was to the nation."

Biles has had a massive year since she scooped up four Olympic gold medals this summer for her impressive gymnastics skills. The 4-foot-8-inch dynamo has visited the White House, attended the Golden Globe and CMA Awards, and even posed in Sports Illustrated this past week for their swimsuit issue.

The gorgeous yet athletic shots in SI featured Biles in a black two-piece swimsuit and showed off her physical strength. The photos received wild amount of reactions after they were released and Biles said she really appreciated the response.

"I think all the feedback that we've received is all very positive in how much we are a role model for little girls that have the same muscular body builds that we do, and how we changed it this year by being a little bit more artistic. So it makes us feel good, because at one point we were those little girls."

She said she hopes the powerful yet pretty shots will change people's perception.

"Because I think it could make a huge impact on athletes, females, as well, that you could teach them that muscles are beautiful. It does't just need to be a little body structure with a pretty face; that you can have muscles and be pretty, skinny, and everything, confident."

That seems like a winning mentality -- and hopefully it will help her notch another win this spring. Biles will go up against some of the best athletes this spring at the Laureus Sports Awards in Monaco. She's been nominated for the Sportswoman of the Year Award.