Tom Brady says he stays up to watch Aaron Rodgers play 'whenever he's on'


If the Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots both win on Sunday, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady would meet in the Super Bowl for the first time .

For Brady, it would be a chance to compete against his favorite player.

On Tuesday, the New England QB revealed to WEEI that he is an Aaron Rodgers fanboy. He makes a point of watching all of Rodgers' tape, and stays up late to watch the Packers whenever they are on TV.

"I think he does things that no one in the league has ever done, or can do, just because of his physical ability," Brady said on WEEI. "Some of the plays he makes are just — they're just phenomenal. Not just the throws but the scrambles."

He continued:

"Everything really looks effortless with him, which is probably the amazing part. He's definitely working hard, but he's making hard look easy. It's a very effortless style he plays with. The velocity of the ball, the placement of the ball, he's just an incredible player. He works very hard at it, he's a very talented player, and he's just having an incredible season. It's fun to watch him play, I always love watching him play. Whenever he's on, I usually stay up and watch."

Considering the level Rodgers is currently operating on, it's not all surprising that Brady would gush about him. Did you see his throw against the Cowboys? Who else in football can sling a 35-yard bullet like that, across his body, and into a tiny window along the sideline?

Still, Brady is rarely so revealing (not to mention gushing) in any interview, regardless of subject. And really, what's even crazier than the praise of Rodgers is his admission that he stays up late to watch him. Brady claims to go to bed at 9 p.m. Add that to Rodgers' long list of insane accomplishments.

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