Minor league hockey goalie knocks out opposing goalie with one punch, then helps him up

Although fisticuffs are relatively commonplace in hockey, a true goalie fight is much harder to come by.

On Wednesday night, in an ECHL game between the Cincinnati Cyclones and a team called the Quad City Mallards, netminders Adam Vay and Michael Houser squared off in a center-ice affair that lasted just one punch.

According to Dave Lozo at Uproxx, Vay (of the Mallards) got into a skirmish with a Cyclones player after a hit, and Houser quickly joined the fun. And Houser sent him to the ice with one swift jab. Then, in a dazzling display of sportsmanship, Houser stopped throwing hands and checked to see if Fay was OK. He even tried to help him back to his feet.

Here's how it went down:

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