Derrick Rose says he traveled to Chicago to attend to a family matter and didn't answer the Knicks' calls because he needed 'space'


Derrick Rose returned to the New York Knicks on Tuesday amid a flood of questions about his mysterious absence from the team Monday night.

Speaking to reporters from the team's practice facility, Rose confirmed reports that he traveled to Chicago to attend to a family matter.

Rose didn't elaborate on what the issue was, only saying that it was not basketball-related and he had to be with his mother.

According to reports on Monday, Rose was not given permission to leave the team. The Knicks were reportedly unable to reach Rose and sent someone to his apartment to check on him when he didn't arrive for the game.

When pressed why he didn't contact the Knicks to explain his absence, Rose said he didn't answer their calls because he needed "space."

Rose said that he contacted the Knicks later on Monday night, and when he returned on Tuesday, explained his absence to team president Phil Jackson and GM Steve Mills. Rose said both accepted his explanation.

Rose also denied reports that his relationship with Jeff Hornacek has "frayed" after being unhappy with his diminishing role.

Hornacek told reporters on Tuesday that he wishes Rose would have contacted the team, but is not disappointed because Rose had to be with family.

The Knicks announced on Tuesday that Rose was fined for the absence and will be "expected to be in uniform" for the team's Wednesday game against the Philadelphia 76ers.

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