Texans rookie posts jaw-dropping picture of the $16,000 dinner bill his teammates forced him to pay

Houston Texans rookie safety KJ Dillon got stuck with the dinner bill on Sunday following his team's comeback win against the Jaguars, and the price he had to pay was astounding.

In since-deleted tweets, Dillon posted a photo of the check, which rounded out to a cool $16,255 — tip not included.

A closer look reveals seven orders of sea bass with lobster ($350), $105 worth of filet mignon, one Caesar salad ($12.95), and, most incredibly of all, $7,700 worth of Hennessy Paradis Imperial (evidently a more expensive bottle).

Some quick math on the Hennessy reveals that each glass (22 in total) came down to $350.

Here's the bill, via a screenshot of Dillon's tweet:

texans bill
texans bill

Ben Margot/AP

It's not uncommon for rookies to foot the bill at a large team dinner, of course. But Dillon seemed particularly unlucky in this instance because he was the only rookie paying and he is not making a lot of money by NFL standards.

Dillon was a fifth-round draft pick. His four-year, $2.6 million contract included a $235,000 signing bonus and a 2016 salary of $374,000. Dillon is yet to start an NFL game and none of the remaining years on his contract are guaranteed.

Dillon later noted on Twitter that he doesn't even drink. He also said he ordered the Caesar salad.

Now, being a rookie isn't all bad. As Dillon added, some veteran teammates take him out to eat at least once a week and never ask for a "dime."

Being a pro athlete: not terrible!

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