Joel Embiid upped his already epic troll game

The Philadelphia 76ers' Joel Embiid is just the gift that keeps on giving.

He is hands-down one of the best follows on social media thanks to his willingness to say anything and troll anyone. From hitting on Kim Kardashian in his rookie year via Twitter (he claimed he didn't know she was married) to trolling King James to telling Chandler Parsons in an Instagram comment that Parsons needs to "smash" a hot fan, Embiid is quickly becoming an NBA icon.


Getty Image

Now, however, Embiid seems to be taking that A+ social media troll game and rolling with it in public as well as he was spotted at Recess Lounge in Philly after scoring 26 points in 20 minutes during that day's game.

Oh yeah, he was wearing his OWN jersey. You know, just in case anyone there didn't know it was him on the dance floor.


Keep stuff like this up and "The Process" will quickly become "The Legend"... if he isn't already.

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