Cross country runner gets completely demolished by a herd of deer

Justin DeLuzio's last collegiate cross country race turned out to be one he'll always remember as the day he was blindsided and knocked to the ground by a herd of wild deer.

The Gwynedd Mercy University senior was a little more than a mile into his final NCAA Division III meet when four deer darted across the course and sent him flying into the air mid-stride.

"It lifted me off the ground," DeLuzio told Fox Sports. "I turned to my left and boom -- my feet are in the air."

The whole thing was captured on video:

"There were a couple kids who came up to me like, 'Are you OK? That's such a cool story.' They were like 'I wish I got hit by a deer!'"

DeLuzio was able to get up and finish the race without major injuries. He completed the 8k in 31:16 –- which is pretty remarkable for someone who got mauled by deer.

"I would definitely say there's relatively low risk in future deer-related injuries in cross-country," DeLuzio said. "I'm just really fortunate for how it did happen. It could've been so much worse."

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