Presidents who were athletes in college

America's former presidents would make an exceptionally well-rounded athletic roster. From professional-level football players to cheerleaders and swim captains, these presidents are gifted beyond their political legacies.

As America welcomes a new president into office, let's see which 14 Oval occupants are the most athletic.

Presidents who were athletes
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Presidents who were athletes

Theodore Roosevelt -- 26th President, 1901-1909

School: Harvard University

Sport: Rowing, Boxing

Roosevelt was the runner-up in the Harvard lightweight boxing championship in 1879.

William Howard Taft -- 27th President, 1909-1913

School: Yale University

Sport: Wrestling

Taft was named Yale's intramural heavyweight wrestling champion.

Herbert Hoover -- 31st President, 1929-1933

School: Stanford University

Sport: Student manager of baseball and football teams

Franklin D. Roosevelt -- 32nd President, 1933-1945

School: Harvard University

Sport: Cheerleading

Dwight D. Eisenhower -- 34th President, 1953-1961

School: West Point

Sport: Football

Eisenhower was a starting running back and linebacker in 1912.

John F. Kennedy -- 35th President, 1961-1963

School: Harvard University

Sport: Swimming

Kennedy also tried out for the football and golf teams at Harvard.

Richard Nixon -- 32nd President, 1933-1945

School: Harvard University

Sport: Cheerleading

Gerald Ford -- 38th President, 1974-1977

School: University of Michigan

Sport: Football

Ford won two national championships and turned down two different offers to play in the NFL. He attended Yale Law School instead.

Ronald Reagan -- 40th President, 1981-1989

School: Eureka College

Sport: Football, cheerleading, swimming

Reagan was captain of the swim team.

George H. W. Bush -- 41st President, 1989-1993

School: Yale University

Sport: Baseball, cheerleading

Bush was captain of the baseball team and played in the first two College World Series.

Bill Clinton -- 42nd President, 1993-2001

School: University of Oxford

Sport: Rugby

George W. Bush -- 43rd President, 2001-2009

School: Yale University

Sport: Cheerleading

Bush was the third in line to become a cheerleader at Yale. Both his father and grandfather were also cheerleaders.

Barack Obama -- 44th President, 2009-2016

School: Occidental College

Sport: Basketball


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