NBA reporter robbed at gunpoint in Atlanta

NBA TV reporter Kristen Ledlow revealed on social media that she was robbed at gunpoint at her Atlanta home over the weekend. The "NBA Inside Stuff" host said she was targeted by three men who were waiting for her to get home.

"Yesterday, I was robbed at gunpoint by three men who knew who I was, where I lived, and were waiting for me when I got home. They stole my car, my purse, my wallet, my phone – and worst of all, my sense of security," Ledlow said.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that officers arrived to Ledlow's apartment shortly after 3 p.m. They say the suspects pointed a gun at her and took her 2016 red Corvette. Police were able to track her car 25 minutes later, but had not arrested anyone connected to the crime by Monday morning.

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