Little girl goes on epic, tear-filled rant on how much she hates an NFL player

The Atlanta Falcons lost on a questionable no-call at the end of Sunday's game against the Seattle Seahawks. A clear pass interference by Richard Sherman went unnoticed by the referees, and Atlanta fans were clearly upset.

Among those fans was the daughter of the sports director at WSB-TV in Atlanta. Zach Klein posted this video of his distraught daughter on Twitter:

"I hate Richard Sherman so much!" she said.

"The Falcons should've won. They could've gotten that touchdown. That was a pass interference, why didn't the refs call that? They called everything towards the Falcons and they couldn't call that? We could've been 5-1. I hate Richard Sherman!"

She makes some very good points. A pass interference call would've put Atlanta in a prime scoring position. Instead, the lack of a call on Sherman resulted in an incomplete pass and a Falcons loss.

We're guessing there are a lot of Atlanta fans out there who feel similarly to Klein's daughter. Cheer up, Atlanta.

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