Penn State kicker sought treatment for an eating disorder during the off-season

Penn State kicker Joey Julius has made headlines this season for two huge hits that went viral in the college football world, but now he's changing the conversation to something else -– his weight.

Listed at 5-foot-10 and 258 pounds, Julius said on Facebook that he's struggled with an eating disorder for the past 11 years and finally sought treatment during the Nittany Lions' off-season.

He missed both spring and summer workouts while he recovered from binge eating disorder at a center in St. Louis.

He explained in a Facebook post:

The post has more than 400 shares and 5,000 likes, and it continues to receive comments thanking Julius for speaking out.

In a statement, Penn State head coach James Franklin said the program supports Julius:

"We are very proud of Joe and fully support him as he deals with these personal matters," he said. "However, as is our policy, we do not discuss the medical affairs of our student-athletes. We ask for others to be supportive and respectful, as well!"

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