Q&A: Von Miller on being the new Old Spice guy, the Broncos, 'DWTS' and anthem protests

Old Spice, known for its memorable advertising creative and long-standing partnership with the NFL, is coming off another year as the No. 1 male anti-perspirant/deodorant and body wash brand in the U.S. As the "Official Deodorant and Body Wash" of the NFL, Old Spice and the Hardest Working Collection are found in each NFL team's locker room​ to deliver Legendary Protection for Legendary Men.

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The Hardest Working Collection delivers unparalleled performance for guys who work hard and play hard and, like Von Miller, demand more from their anti-perspirants and body washes.

Entering his sixth season, Miller is coming off another dominant year which culminated in being named Most Valuable Player in Denver's 24-10 Super Bowl 50 victory over the Carolina Panthers. Miller, a four-time Pro Bowl selection, recently signed the richest defensive player contract in NFL history. And his impressive hard work doesn't end at football. Off the field, Miller finds the time to successfully raise chickens, devour the latest scientific and natural curiosities, plus display amazing dance moves on television and in the backfield, all while marching to his own fashion and style beat.

We had the chance to sit down the Super Bowl MVP. Check out the full conversation below:

Q: You've been having a lot of fun with Old Spice, it seems. How cool has it been to be a part of their new campaigns?

A: Oh man, it's been so much fun. Always been huge fan of Old Spice. I've always seen myself as one of those guys. I'm an Old Spice guy. That's my personality, through and through. It's a great partnership. We talk about the hardest performing product out there; it's in all 32 NFL locker rooms. It does a great job and it's up to the task for anybody.

Q: First two games, things have certainly gone very well. Have you found, though, that you've had to take on more of a leadership role now that Peyton is gone?

A: No, I don't think so. The leadership of our team comes from our locker room. That's where our success comes from. Peyton was an excellent leader, from an on—the-field standpoint and off-the-field standpoint. And those are huge shoes we can't fill. But the personalities in our locker room work great for what we're doing here in Denver.

Q: What do you think it is that C.J. Anderson has done to seemingly take that next step as a powerful running back?

A: C.J. has been great since he's arrived here in Denver. I remember watching him as a rookie. Everyone said he was going to do great things for us and when you see him run, he has a vision. Whatever hole is there, he's going to find it. C.J. is going to take whatever is given to him.

Q: How impressed have you been with the poise of Trevor Siemian?

A: Only two starts in the big show, and he looks incredible. I'm comfortable with the offense, with Trevor, with the big weapons we have at wide receiver. It's all a team effort – offense, defense, special teams.

Q: Your favorite player is Derrick Thomas. That's where your No. 58 came from, right?

A: Yes, sir!

Q: How did he become your favorite player if you grew up in Texas?

A: I was a Cowboys fan growing up, but my defensive coordinator in college he coached at Alabama and coached Derrick. He always told me, 'You remind me of Derrick Thomas.' And I said, 'Who is Derrick Thomas? I'm a Cowboys fan.' So, I got on YouTube, I started searching him and watched all his interviews and the way he looked at the game. The way he perceived his role, it's the same way I see mine. I feel like I have an offensive mentality on defense. We are similar, so, boom, there it is.

Q: Everybody knows a fun activity you did off the field, right after the Super Bowl, was 'Dancing With the Stars.' It looked like you had fun with it, so would you potentially want to join another season?

A: I love 'DWTS'. It had been huge factor in my life when I was doing it. It was life changing. If they had, like, a 'DWTS' All-Star tour, I would've flown in ASAP. It's a wonderful process working with all those guys, from the stage managers and everyone involved. It was great.

Q: The hottest topic around the NFL has been surrounding Colin Kaepernick and other players protesting the anthem. What do you make of it all?

A: I'm totally with those guys, with Colin Kaepernick and Brandon Marshall and all those guys. It brings up a discussion and the discussion needs to continue to create change. I'm all for that. I have a huge respect for the national anthem and for the armed forces, so I don't kneel. But I'm 100 percent with those guys, 100 percent for the cause. I'm all for it.

Q: Here's a couple quick hitters. What is your favorite stadium to play in, outside of Mile High?

A: The Raiders' stadium.

Q: Favorite visitor's locker room?

A: Dallas Cowboys.

Q: Favorite music artist?

A: Lil Wayne.

Q: Favorite food?

A: Caribbean.

Q: Go-to movie?

A: "Blow."

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