So, Drake is also an Alabama football fan now

We can now safely add Alabama football to the endless list of teams that Drake apparently supports.

Alabama football is a perennial powerhouse program in college football. And like any good team in any sport, it tends to attract a lot of bandwagon fans.

Cue Drake, who happens to be a fan of a lot of good teams, who now appears to be an ardent supporter of the Crimson Tide.

See for yourself:

As a self-proclaimed Kentucky basketball super-fan, it's curious that he'd choose to root for the strongest team in the SEC, but it makes sense for him to fudge his allegiance a bit. The Kentucky football team hasn't had a winning season since 2009.

No word yet on what Johnny Manziel, former star QB at Texas A&M, has to say about his OVO friend supporting one of his SEC rivals.

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