Georgia fan hospitalized after celebrating game-winning touchdown

If you're not throwing yourself through a window after your team wins, are you really even a fan at all?

Georgia pulled off an incredible comeback victory on Saturday, beating Missouri after trailing for most of the game. True freshman quarterback Jacob Eason nailed a 20-yard touchdown to wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie on fourth down to seal the victory for the Bulldogs, and Georgia fans went wild.

(Warning: NSFW language)

Jeff Moore posted this video of roommate Michael Dinardo throwing a cooler across the room and jumping through a window to celebrate the Georgia win. He continued to update concerned members of the Twitter community as Dinardo was hospitalized shortly after.

Apparently jumping through a window might score you a trip to the hospital. Who knew?

Talk about a pricey touchdown celebration.

The roommates have started a GoFundMe page to help raise money for their shattered window.

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