Donald Trump claims his golf game is good enough for the PGA Tour

Donald Trump has said something seemingly preposterous again.
After Hillary Clinton's health scare this past weekend, Trump is out to prove that he's the fittest candidate for the presidency –- literally.

He went on the Dr. Oz show, shared his own medical records and then proclaimed that his golf game is good enough to play at the professional level.

The episode hasn't aired yet, but according to CNN:

"Multiple audience members told CNN that Trump said he does not exercise regularly. But one of them -- Kelly Platt, a pharmacist intern who said she is a Trump supporter -- said Trump told Oz that he is so good at golf he could join the PGA Tour."

Take a look at his golf swing and decide for yourself.

The Dr. Oz episode reportedly includes a surplus of health-conscious dialogue -- elaborating on his healthy lifestyle, dietary habits and even revealing a fragment of his exercise routine.

Just exhausting.

Although we'd love to see Trump make a run for it on the PGA Tour, the presidential candidate has a campaign to lead. Looks like the PGA dreams will have to wait.

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