We can predict the World Cup of Hockey outcome -- thanks to astrology

At its core, the excitement of the 2016 World Cup of Hockey is seeing our favorite all-star players come together on behalf of their respective countries. With over 185 of the world's best hockey players in one tournament, what could possibly go wrong?

After factoring in stats and raw talent, it's hard to imagine any team having any issue with their roster picks. But one thing many analysts and number crunchers love to gloss over is the "ego factor."


Sure, egos are needed to win championships, but how many big egos can one team handle before productivity suffers?

Many of these players are used to being the top dog on their teams — getting input, maximum play time and complementary lines.

After analyzing every player's astrology chart, here are our picks for the egos which will help and hurt their team:

Team North America


Johnny Gaudreau. Not many would disagree that this 23 year old Leo is prideful and confident. He's got ego to spare on and off the ice. However, while he may have the potential to get under the skin of some of his more humble line mates, it's Gaudreau's Mars in Libra that makes him a key contributor to this North America Team. When it's game time, this confident ego driven kid wants to win and has the balanced temperament under pressure to be a team player.


Jack Eichel. Most likely stepping out of his role as Center, Eichel will find that his feelings and confidence will wane. He's an intense Scorpio, ruled by the Moon, which means he may struggle from night-to-night. While off ice he'll show no signs of being a sports diva, it's during game time that his Mars in Leo is likely to overcompensate. His ego and determination to prove his worth may hurt more than help.

Team Sweden


Filip Forsberg. Team Sweden will benefit from this borderline overly confident player. He's got his Sun and Mercury both in Leo making him outwardly confident. Much of Forsberg's demeanor is for his own benefit – to get himself psyched up for the win. During each shift his ego is quickly checked at the door in favor of a strong "improvisational" style of play. It's his ability to "wing it" that will greatly assist his newly paired line mates and he will easily complement any line.


Lucky for Sweden, their roster didn't have any players whose charts suggested potential ego pitfalls.

Team Czech


Ales Hemsk & Jakub Voracek. These two Czech nationals are both prideful Leos who feel it's their responsibility to lead by example. They are particularly proud of their skills and have no issue putting their skills where their mouth is. Both with Mars in Virgo, they will prove to be the cornerstone for their respective lines.


Radek Faksa. With a somewhat structured and opinionated chart, Faksa is likely to wrestle with thinking he knows what is best for him and his team. He may struggle with the lack of seriousness off the ice and push for more clarity around roles. This may cause tension amid more easy going players.

Team Finland


Lauri Korpikoski & Jyrki Jokipakka. Both strong and confident players, these two will fuel both the offense and defense with a come-from-behind energy. Jokipakka's teammates will make room for him to ignite his fiery ego and intimidate aggressive opponents. Korpikoski's confidence will lend a more even tempo approach to the offense. If allowed, his will surprise his teammates with his natural ability to unite everyone toward a common goal.


Lucky for Finland, their roster didn't have any players whose charts suggested potential ego pitfalls.

Team Europe


There weren't any players on the European roster who stood out as bringing additional value or energy as a result of their ego and confidence.


Thomas Vanek. Vanek has the potential to create a bit of unintended and unproductive drama. An all-star in his own right, Vanek may struggle as a member of this team. His Capricorn work ethic combined with a Mars in Scorpio makes for a potentially moody player. Vanek may find he is quickly discouraged by how long it takes for their team to find its rhythm and as a result, get frustrated and loose his mental advantage.

Team Russia


Evgeni Malkin. It doesn't seem like much of a stretch to say bold Leo Malkin will provide a unique swagger to this team. Playing along side his good friends will give him a double dose of ego, making him a super threat to opposing teams. His Mars in Capricorn will keep him focused and technical during the game, making sure he doesn't steal the thunder or productivity of his teammates. He'll be key to helping this team advance.


Vladislav Namestnikov. This hard working, high producing player will struggle finding his place. Feeling underappreciated and a bit over confident he could potentially shut down mentally. However it is not in him to give up. He will physically commit 100% to every shift, despite struggling mentally with his game.

Team Canada


Sidney Crosby & Carey Price. Both with Sun and Mars in Leo, these two Canadian stand-outs walk into the locker room "ego first." Well earned and respected, it's not a stretch to assume that most of their teammates are expecting to make adjustments to accommodate the hierarchy of Canadian hockey. And don't expect Crosby or Price to go all humble on us now. In fact, the World Cup is where they will likely step up their leadership game and insist on better playing from their teammates. Both of their charts are extremely ego driven and it's undeniable that it's led to their dominance.


Matt Duchene. Hardworking and determined Capricorn-heavy Duchene may find he is not ok with the pecking order of team Canada. His black-and-white approach to how things "should" work and his ego both rely on knowing that his way is the most productive way. That said, his Mars in Taurus guarantees he will channel his frustrated ego into game energy. Hopefully resulting in points.

Team USA


Zach Parise. With no shortage of confidence, this triple Leo has ego to spare. But what keeps Parise from being a complete ego-maniac is his Mercury in Virgo. Parise's communication style is more humble and solution oriented. He leads by asking questions and seeks to raise the expectations of everyone around him. If he takes this natural gift to his new found roster he will inspire and elevate everyone around him.


Jack Johnson. With his Sun Sign in Capricorn and his Mars in Aries, Johnson may struggle to balance what he knows is good playing with a desire to show off what he knows he's capable of. He is likely thrilled to be part of this team, but also possess a deep need to prove his value. During games he may make decisions based on proving his worth, instead of what is best for the team.


The team who can make their biggest egos work for them — not against them — will take home the Cup. But that is easier said than done. For now, we think Team Sweden has the easiest go of it. If they do have the organic chemistry their astrology charts suggest, they can take full advantage while the other teams struggle to perfect their team chemistry.

For more hockey articles that use astrology to predict team chemistry and mental readiness, check out ZodiacHockey.

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