The 20 best GIFs of Allen Iverson's NBA career

On Friday, Allen Iverson will finally earn the long-overdue title of Pro Basketball Hall of Famer.

Iverson changed the NBA in more ways than one. He personified a stylistic change in the league, both on and off the court. The long-lasting effects of his career are many -- and his highlight reel is among the longest in the league's history.

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The prime of Iverson's career took place just before social media took off, but trusty GIF-makers went back and did their due diligence. Here, we have some looping moments that encapsulate The Answer's greatness.


The odd couple.

A man of the people.

No explanation necessary.

Happy AI is the best AI.

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He made passing look pretty.

He's got the moves.

Even before the NBA, The Answer was soaring above rims.

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Very rare Detroit A.I.

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Allen Iverson is six feet tall.

Before Derek Fisher ever took Ls as a coach, there was this.

Denver edition.

One GOAT over another.

Congrats to the big man and the little big man.

He even made Old Michael Jordan crack a smile.

When you make it to the Hall of Fame.

A sign of things to come.

Just because he doesn't have a ring doesn't mean he's not a champion.

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A.I. to A.I.


Like it's on a string.


Whatchu lookin' at?


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