This NBA star has a LinkedIn profile -- and his resume might surprise you

Golden State Warrior Harrison Barnes Talks Tech

One of the many benefits of being a professional athlete is skipping the traditional job application process. No résumé, cover letter or LinkedIn profile necessary.

Harrison Barnes has one anyway.

And according to the NBA star's profile, he was a Strategic Planning intern for Facebook two summers ago.

Look at him and his basketball résumé. The 6'8" Dallas Mavericks forward was the seventh overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. He's hardly a candidate that needs an internship of any kind.

But the leading social media platform actually needed him.

Top athletes like Barnes are valuable resources, especially for a company looking to pave a way in the sports world. According to Mashable, he helped provide Facebook's development teams with the feedback it was lacking from high-profile athletes and celebrities.

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In turn, it gave Barnes a chance to understand the social media platform and placed priority on using it more effectively.

The self-proclaimed tech-enthusiast says he most enjoys the way tech intersects with his sport.

"I've always been interested in technology and there's a natural connection between technology and basketball," Barnes told Sports Illustrated.

From Brand Ambassador roles with major companies to various volunteer experiences, explore the rest of Barnes' LinkedIn profile here.

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