Unusual uses for dental floss
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Unusual uses for dental floss

Line dry clothing

Have some special pieces of clothing that can't go in the dry machine? If you're traveling and need to make a lightning-fast clothing line, dental floss works great! 

Support for climbing plants

If you have climbing plants or vines in your backyard -- like honey suckles or bougainvillea -- dental floss is a great source of support to keep the plants upright. 

Cut cake 

Want the perfect cut without the cake from falling apart? Dental floss will help you get a clean, picture perfect slice.

Start a fire 

Apparently, dental floss can do wonders when you're in the wilderness. If the floss is coated in wax, it makes for extra great kindling. 

Hang pictures

Instead of braided wire, which can ruin the paint on walls, dental floss is frequently sturdy enough to help hang pictures.  

Tie down trunks

If you're schlepping something that doesn't quite fit in the back of your trunk, dental floss is a miracle worker. Just loop the floss around the trunk a handful of times and be on your way!  

Reattach buttons 

Floss is thin enough that it can be used to save your favorite sweater. Just like thread, pack a needle through the floss and get sewing. 

Love your teeth! Dental floss in a heart shape. Flossing in combination with brushing can prevent gum disease, and has also been linked with a reduced incidence of heart disease.

For your shoes

It's not the ultimate solution, but it's a great hack for those panicking moments. If you lose a shoelace, dental floss can be a quick and convenient (if not temporary) replacement. 

Fishing lines

Avid fishers understand the pains of breaking lines. If you're in need, dental floss can help save the day. 

Fix your glasses

If a screw is loose or lost, thread dental floss through it. It can also be used to fix loose nose pieces, loose rings and more!