The beauty and uniform rules Emirates' flight attendants must follow
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The beauty and uniform rules Emirates' flight attendants must follow

Emirates flight attendants go through a rigorous training process that includes everything from defense training, mixology lessons and medical training. 

It's not just that the crew members have to learn how to give CPR and assist in emergency situations. They have to look the part, complete with red high heels and a particular shade of lipstick.

"We represent Arabia, and so [we] have designed our uniform and beauty standards to be a blend of modern and traditional, as well as respectful to the area where we live, with the tan color representing the desert sand and warmth of the gulf region," explained an airline representative to AOL Lifestyle.

Since 2009, the Emirates team has been wearing the same uniform of a cream skirt with red outlinings.

The Emirates uniforms were drawn up to help give the airline a more business-oriented image. The airline tested various uniforms in airports by evaluating how different travelers reacted. 

Their uniform is representative of the airline's history and base in Dubai and contributes to the airline's image. 

"Intrinsic to the Emirates look and feel is the iconic hat which incorporates an attractive white silk scarf wrapped around the red hat and curves round the wearer’s neck giving tribute to the traditions of the Middle East," explained the airline to AOL Lifestyle.

"Not only does it remind people that the global airline is based in the Middle East, but it complements the uniform. This has been integral part of the Emirates uniform worn by crew members since the launch of the airline in 1985. This is an item of uniform that will always stay with Emirates, as it is very much a part of the Emirates brand and is recognized around the globe."

Their uniforms, down to the exact color of their hair scrunchie, are outlined by the airline's rulebook.

Part of being an Emirates' flight attendant is not just behaving the part, but looking the part too. Emirates' flight attendants must dress in the airlines' uniform, consisting of a cream skirt and blouse, along with a matching jacket and scarf (to mimic the airline's base in the United Arab Emirates.

Flight attendants also must wear a red hat, too, while in the airport and boarding and deboarding the plane. 

Their uniforms were made to survive long-haul flights.

Everything down to the very material of the uniforms is to promise that the airline's representatives look presentable. The uniforms for both the male and female flight attendants are made with 4 percent Lycra to ensure no wrinkles, while maximizing comfortability and flexibility.

Uniform accessories are made from leather. 

They're even particular about their beauty standards, too. 

Applicants with visible tattoos don't meet Emirates requirements' -- and cosmetic bandages aren't allowed. Necklaces and bracelets aren't allowed to be worn, while cabin crew members can *only* wear pearls, gold, diamond or crystal studs if they choose to wear earrings.  

Even their nails must be up to Emirates standards. 

Nude, light pinks and French manicures are permitted, and certain red nail polish is allowed. The team has an "Imaging and Grooming Department" where all these rules are outlined. 

There is even a shade of lipstick called "Emirates red." 

Because Emirates is so intent on uniformity, cabin crew members are required to wear red lipstick to stay on brand. Many of these workers opt for MAC's long-lasting "Russian Red," outlined by red lipliner. Liquid eyeliner is strongly encouraged, and can be applied with black or beige eyeshadow. These requirements are learned during flight attendant training, where trainees can learn about the airline's beauty standards. 

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Their hair is always up. 

For the airline workers, longer hair should be kept in a French twist or bun, secured with a red scrunchie. Men must be well-groomed. A mustache is allowed, but not a beard.