Bryan Greenberg on the item that he always travels with, his new movie and what's next for his music

Whether actor and musician Bryan Greenberg is on the road traveling, in the studio working on new music or on the set of his latest acting project, it's safe to say that he is constantly busy. We chatted with the former "One Tree Hill" and "The Mindy Project" star about how he manages it all. Read our Q&A below for the inside scoop on what he has been up to lately, plus his partnership with Braun!

AOL: It always seems like you have a new project coming up. What can you tell us about the movie you just wrapped and the music that you've been working on?

BG: I did this movie called "Fourplay" which comes out next month. I think it's a cool movie because it's an arthouse film, it's a black and white movie, that was shot all in one take. I'm pretty proud of it, because I don't know any actors that have ever done that that I've worked with or talked to, so that was a really cool challenge. It took about three weeks of rehearsal just to be able to get one take down. I'm proud to have it on my resume -- checked that one off the list, you know?

And I've been getting back into music. I put it down for like six years and now I'm just getting back into it. I'm changing up my sound a little bit; I'm getting away from the singer-songwriter sound I did on my last three albums, and now I'm introducing more hip hop elements. I'm a big hip hop fan and I'm trying to kind of bridge the gap between the music I play and the music I like.

Since you're constantly on the road -- what is something that you always like to have packed when traveling?

The grooming kit [from Braun]. I like to keep a little scruff and it kind of does everything, and I can take it with me. It's so easy to throw in my toiletry bag last minute and then I'm good.

What I love about Braun is that it's just so easy to use. I mean I'm a guy, I don't really want to spend too much time grooming myself, so it's just super fast, super easy and then I can get on with my day and do the things that I love.

When you aren't in the studio or on set, and you both are in the same place, what do you and your wife, actress Jamie Chung, like to do together?

We're the point where we just like to go on hikes with our dog, cook a good meal and just watch a movie. Our lives are pretty crazy -- we never know where we're going to be, we're always on the go, we live in different cities -- we're essentially in a long distance relationship. So when we get together, we can be present and sort of kick back and relax. It sounds so simple, but we don't get to do that much so it's really nice.

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