People swear by this $19 kitchen gadget (and we've got proof!)


Sometimes, it takes one amazing find to make your life so much simpler. Today, we're all about the Rapid Food Chopper by T-fal. This hand-powered kitchen tool can successfully chop all of your favorite vegetables, fruits and even meats in just 5 seconds! This is the perfect item for preparing everything from salsa to guacamole. What makes this chopper so unique is the manual function allowing you to have full control of how big or small you want your food to get.

Not only do our editors love this item but top food bloggers love it as well! Check out what they had to say about this perfect kitchen gadget.

"I was actually prepared to not care for this one, but I loved it, it was so easy to use and within minutes I had a tray full of chopped bell peppers, onions, and spinach, perfect to roast and top our pizzas. Extremely easy to use and very intuitive. Like that I can throw the bowl and blades into the dishwasher if needed, but as often as I chop veggie, I'll likely just handwash it each time so it's ready to be used again. Great product!" - Lemons and Basil

"I used it to make guacamole and it was so quick and easy! Loved that all I needed was one tool to do everything." -

Fix Feast Flair

"I loved this tool and use it everyday for chopping veggies into my salads and soups. I highly recommend to those who chop a lot of veggies and would like to save time and energy doing so. It's completely manual and safe to use. It's a great compact size as well so will store easily."-

Nutrition By Mia

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