6 portable ice machines for hosting the perfect summer party

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Whether you love hosting the best summer parties or your refrigerator doesn't come with an ice maker, a portable ice machine is crucial for every home. Make sure your guests have frozen drinks on deck all day long and shop the best portable ice makers from Amazon below!

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Amazon reviewer Michelle says, "I just got this and I am already in love. It has made so much ice today which is going to be great to fill my husband cooler. He spends so much money a week on ice that this is going to save us a ton."
One Amazon reviewer says, "my wife thinks this is the best thing since sliced bread.  Even though we have a freezer with an ice-maker...this Avalon Bay machine not only keeps up but produces better ice (in her opinion)."
Amazon reviewer says, "this is a great alternative instead of spending thousands on built-in ice maker in the patio. It is portable, so we have used it indoors or outdoors as the need arises."
One Amazon reviewer says, "makes ice very fast. size cubes are great, large isn't too large, just right. My kids and husband love this. It isn't very loud either."
Amazon reviewer Ralph says, "This ice maker produces a basket of ice in less than an hour...this machine has timers you can set and several other conveniences like a full basket alarm...no disappointments, it is easy to use and recommend."
Amazon reviewer Jama says, "love it! I don't have a refrigerator with an ice maker. Comes with a little scoop. You just lift the lid and take out your ice."

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