How one $20 gadget helps me pop out of bed every morning


Every trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond inevitably ends with a cart full of gadgets, organizers and cleaning supplies you never knew you needed. While on a mission to buy a new coffee machine last week, my husband and I came across a small silver kettle we'd never noticed before. My husband instantly wanted it because of a funny cartoon on the side of the instrument. And once I saw that it made espresso (and it's small price tag), I was all in to give it a try.

The attention-getting item turned out to be the Bialetti 6-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker, and now I can't believe I ever started my morning without it.

Not only does it look great on our stovetop, but the simplicity of its design and use is pretty unbelievable. To create coffee-shop quality espresso drinks, all you have to do is unscrew the top from the bottom, fill the bottom with water, add in ground espresso beans to the funnel, screw it back up and heat it on the stove. It only takes around five minutes all in.

I usually pour it over a glass of ice and milk -- and if I'm really feeling fancy, I add a few dollops of frothed milk to the top (also incredibly simple with this tool).

To clean the Bialetti, all you need to do is run some warm water through it. Best of all, the taste of the espresso actually gets better with use, so it'll last you!

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