Everyone on the web is talking about this $2 gadget

From Tamagotchis to yo-yos to Beanie Babies, every generation has an unexpected toy fad that sweeps the nation. While Generation Z may love their Apple products, there's a new gadget that people cannot stop talking about. It's gotten so big, that varieties of this one toy make up all of Amazon's top 20 best-sellers in the toys and games category (as of May 2).

So what is causing all the buzz? The fidget spinner is a stress-relieving toy designed to help people who have difficulty focusing. The three-sided toy rotates between your fingers has the ability to release nervous energy and stress. It has become popular amongst kids and adults with ADHD, autism and anxiety. The fidget spinner ranges in price depending on the manufacturer, but it starts at $2 and can retail for over $100.

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